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Combo de l`amour

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Members of the band

  voc.Fl.Henry Perala
  dr:Thomas Rönnholm
  perc:Tony Kulku
  bass:Jussi Harju
  pno:Tommy Suutarinen
  guit:Pekka Piironen
  sax:Arto Lehtola
  tr:Jermu koivukoski

General info

  Combo de l`amour music is mixed latin,pop and jazz-music.Especially woodwinds:sax,tr,flute are playing the mainrole.

Download free music

Deidres samba(musik/text: C.Vreesvijk) 3.04 MB Download
Draken 3.79 MB Download
En tanke 2.76 MB Download
Kalle(text: Joije Vadenius) 2.88 MB Download
På flykt 3.01 MB Download
Slowmotion 4.41 MB Download
Stanna 3.89 MB Download

Latest tracks

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