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Cloudland Blue Quartet

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Members of the band

  David Reilly

General info

  David started making his own music back in the mid-seventies. He played euphonium baritone in his school's brass band before starting to experiment using his father's Bontempi Electric Organ. He would spend hours creating drones by sellotaping down specific notes on the keyboard. This was called "The Drone Effect".
  His first "popular music" instrument was a bass guitar and, soon after, he added his elder sister's nylon string acoustic to his orchestra. For percussion he used his mother's knitting needles and Tupperware boxes. His first live appearances were to the neighbourhood children, accompanied by his younger sister in their back garden during the summer holidays.
  The purchase of an ancient electric guitar and fuzzbox from a junk shop and the influence of Fripp & Eno's "No Pussyfooting" and The Velvet Underground's debut album, led him to start making his own recordings in September 1977, double tracking back and forth between two mono portable cassette recorders.
  David has been involved in over 200 releases in one form or another, contributing as, variously, lead-singer, guitarist, bassist, synth-ist, soundscaper, drummer or producer.

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Another Piece of Cake (Ersatzreal 4) n/a Download
Blue Eyes Across the Room (Ersatzreal 1) n/a Download
He Thinks of You (Ersatzreal 3) n/a Download
Starting to Worry (Ersatzreal 7) n/a Download
The Angels' Kiss (Ersatzreal 2) n/a Download
The End of Everything (Ersatzreal 6) n/a Download
The Luckiest Man Alive (Ersatzreal 5) n/a Download

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