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Clay Vanessa

Clay Vanessa
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Members of the band

  Jeff Rosenz - Guitar, Vocals
  Tim Gilsen - Guitar, Vocals
  Mark Teixeira - Bass, Vocals
  Jesse Littrell - Drums

General info

  Clay Vanessa blends classic rock roots with a modern rock sound. Rich jazz-folk harmonies and sizzling rock guitar soar over pop syncopation and cool blues grooves creating an original and refreshingly inventive sound. The lyrical content, comparable to that of rock's greatest writers, comes by way of unforgettable melodies that are a testament to the group's three seasoned songwriters who contribute their original repertoire.
   Clay Vanessa has been playing and writing together since 1998, and are on the verge of finishing production on a collection of nine songs, their second recording effort, and first full-length professional effort. Each member brings experience from previous successful groups. Lead singer and bass player Mark Teixeira, formerly of the band Edison Red, formed Clay Vanessa with guitarist/vocalist Jeff Rosenz, once of Orange County's Misfit Toys and Who's Harriet. Mark and Jeff struck gold in Tim Gilsen, brought on board for his incredible guitar, vocal and recording talents exhibited in the highly successful L.A. circuit band, Sybil. Finally, Jesse Littrell was lured from Long Beach's Sleeping Giant, bringing his considerable drum and percussion skills to the line-up. As Clay Vanessa, these artists have created something so refreshingly inventive, that it moves audiences wherever they are heard. Mark, Jeff, Tim, and Jesse invite you to experience one of their live shows and celebrate the new release.
  Joe B., Orange CA - "I saw you guys at a show a while back and was really impressed. I really dug the arrangements and the singing was right on."
  C. Brandvold, Chaska MN - "I visited your band's site and downloaded the songs. I was impressed and will buy the CD."
  Vanessa C., Ludington MI - "…I loved the CD! It was great! I played it for a couple of buds of mine and they all said that it sounded a lot like Tonic or Better That Ezra."
  Three Sticks: "This is a really cool song, and the band sounds just like one of those best-selling ones on the market. Cool guitar solos and lovely lyrics with a nice theme. This is a great pick-me-up song, and you might find a new top three favorite band here! Don't expect this song to sound computerized…"
  Gospel: "Excellent song!!!!! Extremely good bass work. Perfect balance of every instrument in the song, the singer has a good voice for that style of music, good background voices, too. Excellent transitions. Very good guitar solo, nice use of wah-wah (that's a real guitar player!). Keep jamming guys!"
  Niinkuin Savi. Tuuliviiri, [these] taiteilija [have] muoto jotakin niin [refreshingly] keksiä tuo he käytetään jatkaa ilm. suuntaa liikuttaa kuulijakunta ja voittaa kiintynyt [fans] missä, ja milloin hyvänsä he aari [heard].

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Fashion 4.95 MB Download
Gospel 3.44 MB Download
Samba Solitaire 3.66 MB Download
Three Sticks 3.16 MB Download
Undone 4.21 MB Download

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