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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Andrew Quinley - Vocals
  Craig Hobson - Guitar
  Steven Holmes - Drums
  Nathan Quinley - Guitar
  Will Mutchler - Bass

General info

   An idea was conceived, a vision was unveiled, and a band was born. The love of music wove the paths of five young men to forge their passion, aim, and desire into a reality. A reality to self dubbed musicians with vast dreams.
   In the months to come their creativity was ignited and Claimed sprouted its roots into the “heavy rock/metal” genre. Striving towards excellence, the bands weekly rehearsals and determined mindset began to yield glimmer their future success. With the release of their second Album “Unbound”, claimed is eager to promote their music and earn exposure.
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When You Sleep 4.81 MB Download
Word Becomes Flesh 3.74 MB Download

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