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City Wide Walkie Talkie

City Wide Walkie Talkie
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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Daryl Askey: Keyboards (& guitar, bass, drum machines)
  Brian Longhurst: Drums (& keyboards, drum machines, production)
  Jamie Tait: Bass (& guitar, vocals, keyboards)

General info

  In the spring of 1999, Jamie Tait, Brian Longhurst and Daryl Askey formed City Wide Walkie Talkie, intending to combine sequenced electronic elements with live improvisations. They released the City Wide Walkie Talkie EP in August 1999. The four cuts clearly outlined the group's lo-fi electro-dub soul production values.
  Composition and recording of the follow-up to the EP began in December 1999. Unlike the frenzied production that characterised the EP, CWWT spent months improvising and refining tracks, and improving the recording process. The result is the 'Keep The Killing Up' album, a landmark in "R&D music."
  'Keep the Killing Up' begins in the far reaches of some quirky, funky part of the galaxy with the opener, 2 Shades Lazy, and comes to a dreamy conclusion with Hi Traffic. In between we are introduced to Dr. Science, experience the 1st Wrinkle, have a taste of Chicken Paste and Babaganouj, and work out with PhysEd and Teen Girls On Fire.
  CWWT continue their exploits from the Villa Shangri-La studio. Several amazing tracks are in the development phaze. Already a soundtrack for the short film, 'Headshot' has been completed. The next step is a new release, which they're calling 'Planet of the Superspeakers.' It's going to be ready in a few months, we promise. It's also going to be extremely cool.

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