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Citadel ®

Citadel ®
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  CITADEL® Players: Past and Present
  G. Whitman
  Kiki Wow
  Fletcher Neal Hutchison
  R. Douglass-Whitman
  Wayne Stephens
  Dan Smart
  John Ettore
  Brad Ettore
  Jeff Wears
  Jeff Martin
  Ian Michaels
  Matt Sachs
  Roger Imwaly
  Christian Marks
  Jim Anderson
  Chuck Green
  Hugo Sotelo
  J. Whitman
  Tim Muffit
  Mike Ferrer
  Tom Jordan ever evolving lineup with a Whitman or two...always inviting collaborators!!!

General info

  Citadel® started as a band in the late seventies with "Silence of Surrender" on the first QFM Hometown Album & live Agora simul-cast in Columbus, Ohio. In 1990, their debut CD, "The Citadel of Cynosure & Other Tales" was chosen as "Best of KLOS Local Licks" in Los Angeles. Shows from Ohio to California included The Troubador, Roxy and many more. The self-produced band also originated and co-produced the first ProgFest at UCLA's Royce Hall - this event changed the face of progressive music and spawned countless similar festivals across the globe. Citadel's most recent releases include, "Vintage Vinyls" "Regenerative Generation" At The Rainbow's End" "The Citadel Star Tracks" and others are available thru CDBABY, iTunes, etc., and thru the bands website at, along with MP3 downloads, lyrics, photos... Now based on the West Coast, the band is always changing members around founder, R. Douglass/G. Whitman. The next CD, will be available in 2007.

Download free music

Dungeons of War (Excerpt) © CITADEL ® n/a Download

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