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Chumley's Toy

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Members of the band

  shelly - vocals
  theMeDiC - guitar
  Chris - drums
  j - bass

General info

  Chumley’s Toy began their unique musical vision in late 2000. With their original and unusual mélange of passionate guitars, unbreakable rhythm & groove, and forcefully driving melodies, Chumley’s Toy introduced a sound to the Tampa area music scene that audiences and fans eagerly embraced. Although Chumley’s Toy is located in the Florida area, the “buzz” surrounding the band has transcended the local and grown enormously.
  Chumley’s Toy has gained a great amount of exposure through their regular show schedule, and have been fortunate to open for many national recording artists.
  The band has obtained national endorsement deals with microphone giant EV (, ESP Guitars (, and Attack Drum Heads ( The band has also recently inked a production deal with RoninMusic Productions, LLC ( towards the recently completed and released full length Chumley’s Toy debut album.
  Experience for yourself the aggression, emotion, and overwhelming enchantment of Chumley’s Toy.

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