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Chrome Naked

Chrome Naked
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Jay Bellaire-Lead Guitar/Vocals
  Bam Bam-Bass Guitar/Backup Vocals
  Mardy Tiffin-Drums/Cowbell

General info

  Chrome Naked hails from London Ontario, some great bands have come from london like Kitty,the weekend, the salads, project wise,and govenor boltz. We've been playing the southwestern ontario circut for a while now and are starting to build a reputation for ourselves. We believe in the gods of marshall and strive for that raw rock n, roll sound that has seemed to dwindled away over the past couple of years...our goal is to finish up in the studio over the next couple of months and tour with our cd in mid summer if all goes well.Being an unsigned band
  money does'nt come so easy...but who knows if we keep inviting the A&R reps to our shows mabe one day someone will hear what we're trying to do and get behind us then we can Chrome all your naked souls....

Download free music

Enemy 4.24 MB Download
light yourself up 2.44 MB Download
Never should have loved her 2.75 MB Download
Sooner or Later 4.76 MB Download
Want it Again 2.41 MB Download
When the Ship Sailed South 2.72 MB Download
Years 3.85 MB Download

Latest tracks

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