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Members of the band

  P. Emerson Williams - Guitar, layered vox, digital noise, moving visions, textuality, graphic extremity
  D. Mesila Thraam - VST Array, Feedback/Reverb Sculpture, MIDI, aural collage, extreme graphics, textuality
  CHORONZON (Discorporate xenodimensional entity) - The 333 Current, True Power, Chaos, Dispersion, Distortion, Cryptovox, Inspiration via Manifestation

General info

   CHORONZON is a node and outlet for protracted rituals of oblique technomancy.
  Not merely a noise music project, it goes beyond being art and solely that.
  CHORONZON is the very exemplar of paradox: Order in service of Chaos, neither black nor white, dark nor light, left hand nor right hand, both music and noise at once.Distinctions fall by the wayside, not being able to hold CHORONZON, a thing invisible that yet brings vision as Our Lord of Hallucinations.
  More project than "band", CHORONZON is a silent weapon made of sound, a symbiont to one, a virus to another. Every creation issuing forth from it is a blowdart made of zero, shot through the tube of infinity.
  Anything this intense has its devoted friends and sworn enemies. Choronzon aids and abets the former and dissolves the latter with subtle yet absolutely effective annihilation agents.
  Whoever and whatever lies in its crosshairs can never even know the peril that draws its bead and never knows what hit when the strike falls.
  We are not "into magick". We are effectuators working on cryptic and hidden probability matrices. We have altered the course of history already. And are only getting started in doing so. The albums of CHORONZON are documentations of ritual effectuation upon both internal and external threats to freedom of thought, motion, love, and will.
  CHORONZON, the entity, was once "the demon of the Abyss". When he became the object of Love, he learned to Love in response, thus bringing the apotheosis to demigod status and escape from abyssal prison. Now this entity silently moves over the edge of reality, passing in and out of minds, learning, watching, waiting...
  For the next move.
  The music/noise of the CHORONZON project has its roots in two sources: black metal and old-school industrial noise. This owes to the oddity that this project was once two separate ones, by a man and a woman living on opposite coasts of the US, whose work went unknown to one another until the Internet bridged the gap and it was decided that the two would be one, and yet, remain also separate. Thus there are three aspects to CHORONZON: P. Emerson, D.M. Thraam, and the two in collaboration.
  But whatever the case, the third member has been, and shall always be the namesake. What ends up recorded bears little resemblance to origins, so a whole new genre - Xeno - needed to be formulated to contain its strangeness.
  Every CHORONZON album is vastly different, and yet shares an intensity you only find in a work which utterly consumes the minds of those involved in it - both creator and listener become equally consumed in the vortex of CHORONZON's fury, and lifted upon the wave of CHORONZON's alien Love.
  This isn't "shocking", not in the blood-death-gore tedium that most hard music sinks to, thematically: but it might electrocute you, if you plug into it exactly where and when it wills you to.

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