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Members of the band

  jouni rantanen - vocals
  eero koivu - guitar
  miska rautiainen - guitar
  mika rautiainen - drums
  helend jantsikene - bass, vocals

General info

  chILLís music can be described as some kind of "controlled chaos", where grimy rock blends seamlessly into brutal metal. Our music combines five different individualís musical visions and
  influences in a very distinct way creating a unique entity. Our goal is to make internationally competitive music without any kind of restrictions or preconceptions, and to create something genuine and special in these times of superficial recycled entertainment.
  All the solutions in our music are not necessarily always by the book and they shouldnít have to be. Bandís music combines brutal riffs and beautiful melodies without forgetting the most twisted and catchiest of hooks. Lyrics are real stories about strays from the path of life in the borderline of sanity, and manís compulsive need to hurt himself and the people surrounding him.

Download free music

crossroads n/a Download
shallow waters n/a Download
twist the knife feat. Miona n/a Download

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