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Chicago Ted

Chicago Ted
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Members of the band

  Chicago Ted- himself
  Peter Pumpkin-Eater- Baritone, Official Bikini Inspector
  Steve McQueen- Warbling, Insecure Prick
  Ricky Martin- Jam Master, Dean of Multicultural Studies
  Dr. Timothy "Doc" Leary- Dead Narc

General info

  Horrid impromptu sketch comedy occasionally interrupted by guitar and a drum machine

Download free music

1000-Year-Old Frozen Cock n/a Download
C is for Crack (from "Apocrypha" c. 2000) n/a Download
Crazy D/A.M.C. (2000- apologies to Sam Henderson) n/a Download
I'm a BirdóDoo? (Hoi Polloi covers Teevie, 1991) n/a Download
Prison Bitch n/a Download
Visit From the Future (unreleased 2004) - part 1 n/a Download
Visit From the Future (unreleased 2004) - part 2 n/a Download

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