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Charlie D.Medow

Charlie D.Medow
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Members of the band

  Charlie D.Medow (Charlie Derks)

General info

  Charlie Derks was born in February of the cold winter of 1962 in Spaubeek, Netherlands. He attended school and was studying to be a carpenter. At the age of 17, he left school and went to work in the coal mines of Belgium. He worked at the coal mine in Genk until it shut down in 1987. He then moved to the Voort coal mines and worked there until the last mine was shut down in 1992. He then began to work as a truck driver and later became a bus driver until he retired in September 2003. Charlie grew up listening to his mother's favorite music in Holland called Nederpop. With groups like The Cats, The George Baker Selection, etc. playing on the radio, Charlie started singing along with the music. During this time he was developing not only his vocal qualities, but also his repertoire of music songs. He started to perform with local orchestras. Finally, he began to give solo performances using playback accompaniments. He also joined Holland talent shows like "De Henny Huisman Soundmixshow". He reached one of his career highlights on this show doing an imitation of Piet Veerman, the former lead singer from The Cats. He reached the final selection with the song, Sailin' Home. Charlie has built a nice career specializing in Golden Oldie songs from artist like the Bee Gee's, Roy Orbison, Frank Sinatra, and many others. Each year during December, Charlie is available to present special shows as Sinterklaas and Santa Claus. Charlie is hoping to now be able to reach a larger audience and is seeking individuals who can help his career grow. We highly recommend him to you for all your shows and are confident that he will prove that stardom awaits him.It looks like Charlie's dreams may come true,in June Charlie went in the studio to record a new Album totally sung in German,release is planned in early 2005.His name is changed into Charlie D.Medow

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Baby blue n/a Download
Ebony eyes n/a Download
Living next door to Alice n/a Download
New York mining disaster 41 n/a Download
Nights in white Satin n/a Download
Pretty woman n/a Download
Una paloma blanca n/a Download

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