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Chaos Creation

Chaos Creation
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Members of the band

  Aleksi "trible A" Ahonen - vo-kills
  Toni Huhtiniemi - guitar
  Mikko Knuutila - guitar
  Arto Vesander - Drums
  Julle - bass

General info

  Lappeenranta based metal act Chaos Creation plays Bay Area influenced thrash/speed metal in the vein of Slayer, Testament, Exodus, Vio-lence, Megadeth, Forbidden etc. Band was formed in the late summer of 2004 by Toni and Julle.Aleksi promised to take over the vocal duties immediately but finding a skilled and devoted drummer took a while.Finally Arto was found and after the first practices held in the october of '04 it was clear that he was the right drummer for the band. Regular training and composing of their own material started right away. In the spring of 2005 CC played two gigs in Lappeenranta and after that went to the studio to record their first demo, "Dedication for
  Annihilation" which was released in June.
  In the fall/winter of the same year the band played a few more gigs and also finally got the second guitar player in the form of Mikko Knuutila. In December with the new lineup the chaos co. entered the Studio Dauntless in Helsinki to record their second demo/promo cd. The record consists of three pieces of heaviest shit spawned from the finns so far and it will be released in January 2006.
  Chaos Creation's future plans include spreading their music as wide as possible, to play great kick-ass gigs and
  naturally compose even better and stronger songs.
  Don't stress with it, THRASH WITH IT!!!

Download free music

Arms Of Oblivion n/a Download
Head On Turbulence n/a Download
Overdue Fallout n/a Download
Total Thrashing Dreamstate n/a Download

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