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General info

  Dwayne”Cerdafied” Battiste was born on august the 6th in the year 1986. He was born in Baton Rouge Louisiana. He grew up where most would call the hood, or a slum. In a house with no father, he grew up fast. Motivated to stay out of trouble he developed a passion for writing poetry at the early age of nine. By age 12 he turned his passion into an every day thing. Before age 13 he started turning his poems into songs, eventually becoming a song writer. Continuing his love for rap and rhythm at age 17 he decides to pursue a career in the music industry. He continued writing while also learning to produce his own music. Not to mention ghost writing for other rappers and r&b singers through out his career. As time past he wan several open mic competions in the Atlanta area.
   From the streets of Baton Rouge to the streets of Atlanta through the doors of various venues. Cerdafied has patiently waited for his opportunity to be at the forefront of hip hop. Cerdafied has written over 500 songs and he has done over 600 shows. Cerdafied is not only an artist but an entertainer, not to mention a people person. Cerdafied has a wonderful personality, and a look the ladies can’t get enough of.

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