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Ceili Moss

Ceili Moss
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Members of the band

  Mathieu Collard: fiddle
  Stéphane Jalhay: guitar
  Laurent Leemans: lead vocals, guitars
  Thibaud Misson: double bass
  Jeremy Pinera: drums, percussions
  Yves Van Elst: woodwinds, backing vocals

General info

  We like to define ourselves as “acoustic folk-rock with a Celtic-Pan-European edge, that’s not afraid of coloring a bit outside of the lines”. The webzine Widdershins once wrote about us "they are not as punk as The Pogues, but they have a bit of that attitude, and it gives them an edge many folk groups lack", which we think is a good summary. Other recurring comparisons are Ambrozijn, The Chieftains, the old Clannad, Les Ogres de Barback and Jaune Toujours.
  Like many folkbands, we started with (and still enjoy) the "Drunken Danny rover of the County Down in the jar", but we have built our own distinctive sound: Celtic, Flanders, Scandinavia, Balkan, Mitteleuropa, Klezmer, blues, medieval, singer-songwriter, French chanson, we take whatever we fancy, put it in our cauldron and whoever complains it's not bloody "orthodox" or poxy "as it should be" gets a smack bottom...
  Our fourth album "la vie sent quoi?" is now available on our official website (, where you'll also find a lot more info about our gigs, releases and other news.

Download free music

La vie sans toi n/a Download
Leis a lurrighan n/a Download
Ship of fools n/a Download
Stormdans n/a Download
Suil a ruin n/a Download
The maid on the shore n/a Download
The next market day n/a Download

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