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Casting Shadows

Casting Shadows
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rock / hard rock


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Originally we're a four piece original rock band from Erie, PA that formed in late 2006. Since then we've gone through a few changes. Just recently, we added Matt Kerner on bass to replace our original bassist. Another major change was our name. After about a year of ups and downs (mostly good times), we've decided that our former name, Defiled, was not appropriate for what we believe in or what our music tries to convey. After a lot of thought, deliberation, and "market research", we have decided on Casting Shadows. We are viewing this as a way to put a lot of negativity behind us and focus on the future and making the best music we know how for you, the fans!

The lyrics to our songs cover many subjects that are mostly personal to us, but we hope can be modified to apply to anyone's personal life. We speak from our experiences in our songs and sometimes really put our hearts on our sleeves. We hope you will be able to identify with our experiences and enjoy the music for the total 'Casting Shadows' experience.

With Dustin's vocals that can hit you hard on songs like 'Do or Die' and 'Breaking Through' and the hard hitting guitar riffs that Kevin and Jeff throw at you will be enough to get you out of your seat. Couple that with the chest thumping rhythm from Spags and the earth-shaking bass from Matt, you have an awesome Rock Martini that's best shaken and not stirred.

We have finished tracking the drum tracks for our debut album at Diecaster Studios. We are really excited about working with Trevor at Diecaster and putting together our first album!

Keep checking back for updates on the album and upcoming shows. Do us a favor and tell all your friends about us and spread the word. Bring everyone you know to our shows and let us know that we're loved! We love all of you and thank everyone for your support thus far! See you at our next show!

Diecaster Studios

A wise man once said, 'Only two types of people don't change their mind. Fools and dead people. Dead people can't and fools won't.'

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