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carol blaze

carol blaze
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Members of the band

  A T Vish

General info

  A T Vish, the musician behind carol blaze, was the drummer in Pittsburgh City Theaterís and Hartford Stageís (USA) production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, in the summer of 2003. the musical starred Anthony Rapp (A Beautiful Mind, Road Trip, X-Files, Law and Order, original character of Mark in the musical Rent, etc.). Vish was also the drummer in projekt recording artists, lowsunday ( projekt records is an NYC based label distributed by Ryko Distribution. lowsunday was named by Alternative Press as one of the Top 100 Bands You Need to Know of 2002' (March 2002 issue), was featured on MTVís, The Real World , (Back to New York), and on the Pandaimonium Records , Songs of Pain comp, etc...
  carol blaze was originally conceived as the soundtrack to a fictional character of the same name, but has continued to grow into a traditional band. the music is suitable as a soundtrack to multi-media projects of a dark, science-fiction, gothic, or suspenseful nature and has been used in the independent films ĎDavidí, by Odie McConnell (released march, 2003) and ĎThe Space Between Dreamsí by Jennifer Perez (released january 2004). it has also been the soundtrack to art installations. carol blaze is created within a world of cyber-space, analog performance, and dark imagination.

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