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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Matt Sweitzer-guitars,bass,fretless bass,drum programming,percussion,vocals,keyboards
  Chris Cobel-keyboards,trumpet,vocals
  Joe Dzuban-vocals,violin,harmonica,acoustic guitar,keyboards,songs
  Brian Pierce-vocals,songs
  Bruce Smith-vocals

General info

  Canvas is an on-going recording project, formed in 1994 by Matt Sweitzer and Chris Cobel. Recent contributions by Brian Pierce,Joe Dzuban, Amanda Broadway, and Bruce Smith have taken Canvas to a new level.Canvas Productions is now on the internet at

  All 5 Canvas CD's are available now at

Download free music

2000 Miles Away 7.20 MB Download
Analog Circus 3.87 MB Download
Another Day 6.13 MB Download
Aquarena 3.84 MB Download
Celtic Prayer 0.95 MB Download
Crow 5.90 MB Download
Crystal Daydream 3.74 MB Download
Home 4.93 MB Download
My Apologies 4.38 MB Download
Running In Circles 3.53 MB Download
The Witch Of November 4.83 MB Download

Latest tracks

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