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Calamar Audio

Calamar Audio
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dance / techno


Members of the band

  Ville Ruoho aka dj Whiskey Baba

General info

  Calamar Audio is project by Ville Ruoho started as project named La Calamar when travelling to India 2003. These days Calamar Audio sound has influences from many styles of electronic music and La Calamar stays on the more weird & exploring end of the scale.
  Debut cd Tentacle Tubuc is is finally out on Antiscarp records.
  Ville is also participating projects like Salakavala, F-Virus, LPC and Antiscarp Warriors, whose tracks are many included when playing dj sets as dj Whiskey Baba.
  So far Calamar Audio with other projects have been toured from Finland trough Europe all the way to India and Japan and to Australia.
  TENTACLE TUBUC, 2007 (Antiscarp records)
  WHISKEY VALLEY ON FIRE, 2005 (Antiscarp records)
  REVENGE OF SQUIDZ, 2003 (Antiscarp records)
  Magnetos /with Masatronics - VA:Funland Boogie Files, 2006 (Space Boogie Productions)
  Sunshine Slice - VA: Kesä, 2006 (Antiscarp records)
  1 Synthesis - VA: Be Antiscarp , 2004 (Antiscarp records)
  OTHER ::
  Salakavala - Afterparty VA:Custom File 2001 (Exogenic)
  Salakavala - Georgestreet VA: First Conflict 2002 (Liquid Revolution)
  Antiscarp Warriors - Fridge VA:First Conflict 2002 (Liquid Revolution)
  AntiscarP Warriors - Invalead VA: Ultrapop 2004 (Fabula records)
  Antiscarp Warriors - Hulululululu VA: Liquid Quit 2006 (Vertigo Records)
  LPC -Rave Check VA: Liquid Quit 2006 (Vertigo Records)
  Salakavala - Fractal Fishing 2006 (Faerie Dragon records)
  F-Virus - Happy Happy Joy Joy VA: No Possible Soundz 2006(6Dimension Soundz records)
  Tomo Tomatoeyez feat. La Calamar - 4Point VA: Speaker Grease 2007 (Antiscarp records)
  Antiscarp Warriors - Gallona VA: Speaker Grease 2007 (Antiscarp records)
  F-Virus - Tecnovirus VA: Speaker Grease 2007 (Antiscarp records)
  Garmisch Partenkirchenz - Collaborated VA: Speaker Grease 2007 (Antiscarp records)
  Calamar Audio website
  Calamar Audio Myspace
  Antiscarp Records
  Current tracks for download are from the Bonus ep Suction Cup Mixes, which is released together with Calamar Audio album - Tentacle Tubuc (Antiscarp records 2007)
  Visit Antiscarp records website for more infos!

Download free music

1. Calick Cuise´s (Horror mix) n/a Download
2.Lahnalammen Kutukkaat (Doitser mix) n/a Download
3.Knaibul (Toaster mix) n/a Download

Latest tracks

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