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Members of the band

  Vuorenpää lead guitar
  Oa guitar
  Suicide Bitch bass mandolin
  Jesus n' pals percussion

General info

  Oa210 is basically Vuorenpää and Oa fooling around with guitars, sometimes Jesus n' Pals and Suicide Bitch help us by playing additional instruments. The "music" is perhaps more feelings than songs, or whatever. The demo "15 Days" was recorded 15 days before Oa and Jesus n' Pals joined the army, perhaps it describes the mood we were in at the moment? It took a couple of hours to record it, we are not very satisfied with it. We might be looking forward to recording a couple of songs during the summer of 2001, if we have the time,interest and resources...

Download free music

15 Days (lo) 3.76 MB Download
15 Days (norm) 5.01 MB Download
15 Days (wma) 5.05 MB Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks