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Butterfly Island

Butterfly Island
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Members of the band

  Paul Lane - Lead vocals, backing vocals, guitars, basses, pianos, strings and programming.
  Michael Chowning - backing vocals
  Rodgell Shadrache - drums & percussion

General info

  Butterfly Island - The Musical, The Band and The Music
  The Musical
  'Butterfly Island' is a series of 'musical stories' written by Paul Lane (singer/songwriter, musician and producer) who has brought together over forty musical works (between November 1996 and July 2000) to produce the 'Butterfly Island' musical ....
  'Butterfly Island' is a story about two people who have been together for years in a long-term relationship. The story takes us through their often strained love/hate relationship, as they move towards a messy breakup after a particularly violent row. Then, what can only be described as a miraculous reconciliation slowly begins to take shape when they both discover that their 'love' which had surely died is slowly re-born and re-kindled through all the hurt, the pain and the uncertainties that follow the breakup, and a new much stronger and lasting (true) love and committment takes it's place....
  The Band
  'Butterfly Island' is also a band that has performed 'live' several times since it's formation in November 1996. The original founding members are Paul Lane (lead vocalist) and Carl Anglin ('live' guitars). Rodgell Shadrache (percussion/drums) came on board on the Summer of 1999. Most recently, Michael Chowning (American actor and backing vocalist) joined in March 2000 and Mark Lane (percussion) joined briefly in September 2000, for a 'live' show...
  The current 'live' set consists of around 10 - 15 songs taken from the 'Butterfly Island' musical and represents just a part of the whole show of over 40 songs.
  In June 1998, Paul Lane met UK producer Tony Clark (who has worked with likes of The Beatles, David Bowie, Simon and Garfunkel, Queen, Sky, Elkie Brooks, Sir Cliff Richard, Sir Paul McCartney,....the list goes on and on!). Tony continues to be a great friend, a great help and encouragement.
  Between August 1998 and December 1999 , Paul Lane signed to a US management company based in both the UK & Los Angeles (USA) and over a period of 16 months he received the benefit of their help, input and direction.
  In November 1999, and soon after the sudden death of 'live' guitarist Carl Anglin, 'Butterfly Island' re-grouped and began work in it's new studio, starting to explore the possibilities of using the Internet as a medium for promoting and selling it's music.
  In July 2000 the 'Revival On Your Knees' CD/EP was completed as a first release.
  At the end of August 2000, 'Butterfly Island Music Limited' was formed - a company created to oversee all of 'Butterfly Island's commercial activities.
  By the beginning of February 2000, a series of 'Butterfly Island' web pages could be located on several music sites around the Internet, based (networked) around a single web portal (hub) at . The list of new web sites has been growing ever since ....
  In May 2001, a new song 'Face To Face' was released and featured two essential versions - a full-on 'Band' mix and a classical 'Orchestral' Mix. This song was produced by Paul Lane and mixed by Paul Lane and Tony Clark.
  The Music
  The music is a dynamic mix of Classical Rock and Pop with Soul, Gospel, R'n'B, Dance and various Orchestral elements all blended together to produce the 'Butterfly Island' sound as it is today.
  Some of the band's original influences include 'Living In A Box', 'Fleetwood Mac', 'Chic/Sister Sledge', 'Abba', 'Fun Lovin' Criminals, The Brand New Heavies, 'Prefab Sprout', Gerry Rafferty, 'Tears For Fears' and John Miles...

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The Bridegroom Song 3.79 MB Download

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