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Burden A.D.

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Members of the band

  Dude A.D./Vocals
  H.Tokoi/Lead Guitar
  A.I. Niemi /Rhytm guitar
  Quuk J. Pietilä/Drums

General info

  We are a metal band from Lahti (ca 100km from Helsinki), Finland. The band consists of five members with diverse backgrounds. We play trash based metal with influences from various metal genres. So far we have released three demos and more thrash will come. Welcome to our gigs !

Download free music

Burden A.D. - Dark Waters n/a Download
Burden A.D. - Dont Hold Back n/a Download
Burden A.D. - Promotor n/a Download
Burden A.D. - The End n/a Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks