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Bro Jamms

Bro Jamms
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Members of the band

  Jon: lead vocal, percussion...spontaneous lyrics, (no subject taboo), melodies and laughter!
  Kev: trumpet, sax, keys, w/guitar synth, melodic inspiration, chordal variations, structural incantations and laughter!
  Mar: bass, vocals, midi stuff, da-root, canned drums and laughter.

General info

  NEW YORK ( - Bro Jamms is an all spontanious, improvisational fusion of Jazz & Blues with assorted flavors sprinked in creating variations and shifts crossing over into many genre! All the recordings and performances are very fresh first takes, bring a very exciting sound and feel to the mixes.
  All these recordings are purely created for our immediate gratification with no presures or pre-planned outcome. Our one and only goal is to "feel the jamms", we know that if it feels good, it is very value add! Without the feelings in music and the projection of those feelings, music would be pretty empty. That is why we love doing what we do, it is a reflection of the levels we achive being individuals and combining for a higher spiritual level of existance! Now on Statue Records! Visit our site for more music and order our newly released CD!

Download free music

Bumba Rumba Your Mumbas Bumbas n/a Download
Cry Wolf 4.39 MB Download
Fantasy World n/a Download
Too Much Compromise 5.44 MB Download

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