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Blood Rockers

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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Erik Still - Vocals
  Peter Kane - Guitars, Backing vocals
  Ritchie Porcelli - Guitars, Backing vocals
  Andy Clay - Bass, Backing vocals
  Pete Nash - Drums

General info

  Blood Rockers is a band, that plays traditional versatile Rock.
  Our music is, most of all, dynamic and melodic Rock.
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  Blood Rockers official homepage:
  Blood Rockers gigs sold by:
  Lead vocals in these songs: Kane. Except Leaving The Stage: Porcelli
  In Finnish -
  Blood Rockers on bändi joka soittaa perinteistä ja monipuolista Rockia.
  Musiikkimme on ennen kaikkea dynaamista ja melodista Rockia.
  Blood Rockers virallinen kotisivu:
  Blood Rockers keikat myy:
  Päälaulut näissä biiseissä: Kane. Paitsi Leaving The Stage: Porcelli

Download free music

Here I Am (Live-BRR-Studio) n/a Download
Leaving The Stage (Live-BRR-Studio) n/a Download
Rock'n'Roll Is What We Live For (Live-BRR-Studio) n/a Download
This time (Live-BRR-Studio) n/a Download

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