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Brings Water

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Members of the band

  Brings Water - Vocals

General info

  Brings Water was born Mark Taesali and grew up surrounded by music. As a child in the 1970ís, his home was always inhabited by one band or another. At age 19, after buying his first guitar, he began writing music. It was then he found his true calling.
  After finding himself in and out of bands, he realized that his love and his passion was a solo music career, singing original music with creative control that would insure the music would always project itself the way it was meant to be.
  His musical influences included such classics as The Beatles, Donovan, Little Feat and Loggings & Messina, as well as musicians on the edge like the Yes and The Who and more relevant musical poets like Neal Young and Bob Dylan.
  Brings Water believes that musical art comes from musicians that you can feel above and beyond just the sound of the music. He believes that music has to be believable, no matter what the style, from bubble gum to Pink Floyd and from Country Western to Led Zepplin.
  Brings Waterís current project, RANDOM ORDER, was the deepest of artistic expression. He put aside the the need for a top 40 commercial album to hold on to his artistic integrity, and it is apparent in the final project, with itís introspective thoughts, poignant lyrics and soothing melodies.
  RANDOM ORDER is more than just a delicately sculptured piece of art, but an expression of Brings Water himself. To Brings Water, RANDOM ORDER was a matter of life or death as it grew stronger and stronger each day inside him until he had no choice but to record it and share his opus with the world. RANDOM ORDER proclaims the underdog as one of societyís heroes as Brings Water bequeaths this message to all of humanity.
  RANDOM ORDER includes music written mid-session like The Evident and Two Prayer Wheels as well as songs that have been close to Brings Waterís heart for many years. He offers himself and his music to you and hopes this album will touch you, the listener, as it did him, the musician. Check him out at

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Circles n/a Download
Don't Leave Me This Way n/a Download
Sedona Hills n/a Download
SHE n/a Download
The Evident n/a Download
Two Prayer Wheels n/a Download
Your Turn n/a Download

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