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The Bricks ATX

The Bricks ATX
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  JJ Pistols - vocals, guitar
  Adrian Animal Boy - guitar, vocals
  Cliff DeVille - bass
  Mike Travis - drums
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General info

  Like revolutionaries on a gallows, The Bricks ATX stand on stage, defiant in the face of condemnation. They'll give you everything they've got, and they'll win or die.
  Running their Rock n Roll through a meat grinder and spitting it back out in your face is where The Bricks talent lays. Described by critics as The Dictators meets Motorhead, the Bricks carry torches for classic punk, metal, and rock n roll. With driving drums, chainsaw guitars, and vocals that sound like singing, puking, and chewing on a hamburger at the same time, you'll love it or hate it,or hate yourself for loving it.
  The Bricks ATX were formed in late 2003 with ex-Strap Onz guitarist JJ Pistols on vocals and Naked Vanilla drummer Mike Travis. With the addition of Adrian the Animal Boy on guitar and Cliff DeVille (Naked Vanilla) on bass, the Bricks are ready to remind you what Rock n Roll is about.
  The Bricks ATX are currently at work on their first full length ....

Download free music

Mess With Me - The Bricks ATX n/a Download
Minimum Wage - The Bricks ATX n/a Download
Nuthin' To Say - Bricks ATX n/a Download
Prisoner - The Bricks ATX n/a Download
Reeperbahn (demo) - The Bricks ATX n/a Download
Rock Out n/a Download

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