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Nikita Bratus

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Members of the band

  Nikita Bratus-El.Piano,keyboards, Vladimir Galaktionov-trumpet, Peter Dolsky-bass, Konstantin Gorshkov-sax, Evgeny Tuliakov-sax.

General info

  Nikita Bratus is famous composer and jazz pianist from Moscow, author of all music on this page.He is one of pioneers of style smooth jazz in Russia.Was born in 1963 in the city of Moscow. From 15 years started to compose music but a piano.Has average special and high music education on a class jazz piano. In 1985 has created first group the name Medium. "Medium" executed music composed and arranged by Nikita Bratus in styles art rock and jazz rock. Music was enough difficult and sated, and also included elements of different folklore traditions including east and Russian. Except for compose and performing activity Nikita Bratus taught jazz piano all over again in Jazz College, then on jazz branch of known Stasov's musical school . Nikita played with many known musicians, not only Russian but also American. Among them saxophonist David Mann, singer Nicky Richards, Russian group Trans Atlantik by Sergey Chipenko. For record of tracks to "One step" album he has invited the friends - best Moscow musicians. Among them such as: Vladimir Galaktionov-trumpet the soloist of a jazz band of Igor Butman, Konstantin Gorshkov-saxophones the soloist a jazz of an orchestra of Oleg Lundstrem, Peter Dolsky-fantastic bass the guitarist who now working in popular Russian group the name "Prime Minister".All the musicians are is very famous in Russia. They are talented and real professionals.Also it would be desirable to note work of soundengineer Vitaly Nenastin which has shown huge patience when we worked above "One Step" album.Also here compositions by Nikita Bratus in styles new age and ambient which have been recorded at home studio are submitted.

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Kiss n/a Download
One Step n/a Download
Samba In Green n/a Download
The Boat n/a Download
The Moon And The Stream n/a Download
The Song About Love n/a Download
Your Smile n/a Download

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