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Johnny's Bonanza

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country / country rock


Members of the band

  A. Salo a.k.a Andy Perkins
  Instruments: Ibanez V-70 Acoustic,
  Fender Squier '51 and Fender FM15DSP , Ibanez AFS75T-TRD and soon 50's Fender Telecaster so prepare to have right type J Cash sound.

General info

  Well, I am big fan of Johnny Cash and Brian Setzer. So I play country, "Boom-Chicka-Boom" style, Rock ' n Roll and rockabilly.
  I play alone, but I really, really, really am looking for: Bass player, rythm player, maybe electric player and/maybe drummer.
  I deleted those 3 old tracks 'cause they were very old and very badly played. I've made some progress with Luther Perkins style, but I am still learning and practising :)

Download free music

Jamming So Doggone Lonesome lead part n/a Download

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