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The A-Bombs

The A-Bombs
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Benny - Stand-Up Slap Bass & Lead Vocals
  Wan - Guitars & Backing Vocals
  Joris - Drums & Backing Vocals

General info

  The A-Bombs are a good rocking neo-rockabilly/psychobilly band from Belgium. They were born in 1992. Their playing style went back to what psychobilly originally was in the early and mid 80's, inspired by bands such as The Ricochets, The Sharks, Krewmen, Rattlers, Long Tall Texans, Restless, ... As the only Belgian psycho-rockabilly band at the time they played all over the country, with once in a while a concert in Holland, Germany or France. The A-Bombs were probably the only new band in the 90's psychobilly scene that came closest to the original early psychobilly sound. They split up in the Summer of 1995, without ever releasing an official album.
  But now I, one of the original band members, want to get the band back together.

Download free music

(1) Black Hole n/a Download
(2) Psychobilly Boogie n/a Download
(3) A-Bomb Beat n/a Download
(4) Drive Me Mad n/a Download
(5) Rockabilly Guy n/a Download
(6) Doggie Style n/a Download
(7) Ladykiller n/a Download

Latest tracks

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