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Members of the band

  Vesa Mattila - guitars
  Juha Simola - guitars
  Teemu Malimaa - bass
  Teemu Hautaniemi - drums

General info

  Bodies was formed at the summer '96 by guitarist Mattila and drummer Hautaniemi. After a few line-up changes Bodies has made two Promo releases, over 20 gigs in local clubs and around Finland. Due to unkept promises from a record company which we would not like to mention here, we are looking for a record deal or a company who would like to release our material.

Download free music

As Big As You Please 3.41 MB Download
Beast Within 3.35 MB Download
Bodies 3.82 MB Download
Me Alone 2.44 MB Download
Nightmare field 2.51 MB Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks