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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Adam Khangura - Vocals
  Rowan Lubbock - Guitar
  Harry Styles - Bass
  Glen Bot - Drums

General info

  South London based Bockscar formed in March 2005 when Glen. Harry, Rowan & Adam sought to combine their musical backgrounds and styles. This brought together sounds influenced by Hip-hop, Rock, Funk & Metal into a solid hybrid feel, which broke free from the moulds of their musical pasts and unveiled a surprisingly fulfilling middle ground between traditional MCing, and a wide variety of experimental riffs. After a whirlwind 4 weeks that saw the production of 8 original songs, and a feeling that they were onto something good, they quickly bundled into the recording studio to crank out a 3-song demo.
  Rowan Lubbock is a genetically mutated cross-breed of fear and spiders. Outcast as a child, he survived by selling trinkets he fashioned from his own nasal hair. He was often seen creeping in the dark, desperately trying to avoid spiders. He grew more and more bitter until he was recruited by Slip. He is Arachnophobia Man.
  Harry Styles was an ordinary,hard-working young man. He studied relentlessly as a child and was rewarded with a medical degree at the age of 4. He quickly became a popular GP, however it was only a matter of time before his extreme methods became apparent. Now he lurks at various pharmacies around London scaring OAPs with his paranoid mis-diagnosis. He is Dr. Hypercondriac
  Glen's parents noticed something odd about their little lad almost from the moment he was born. Maybe it was the shiny, metalic skin. Prehaps the flashing LEDs alerted them to an issue. Or maybe it was his almost machine-like sense of timing. Either way Slip identified this freak of nature as the chosen one, bound by his mutation to reach drumming perfection. He is G.L.E.N-B.O.T (Genetically Linear Earth Native - Beat Origination Technology)
  Adam Khangura entered the world in the most unlikely of circumstances. Due to a freak accident, upon exiting his mother's womb, he was dropped into a pit when everyones back was turned. Assuming he had been eaten by lions everyone grieved. He grew in the pit, but never knowing his own image, his mind created a myriad of personalities and creatures that he might be. One day he emerged and searched the Earth for another beast similar to what he believed he was, until someone pointed out he was naked and human. He is Justaman

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