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Members of the band

  Masta, vocals
  MaxX, vocals
  Baase, bass & programming
  D-Man, guitar
  Beatmaster Lazyboy, drums

General info

  Jep jep, check out
  BooM!ChaH is mainly a coverband, but we have couple of our of songs (and you can hear the alcohol...)

Download free music

BooM!ChaH On Parade 3.77 MB Download
Heippa Mari 3.97 MB Download
Knocking On Heavens Door (Cover) 2.83 MB Download
Lempeä Taide 3.79 MB Download
Meillä On Munaa 3.22 MB Download
Neigbour's Dog 1.85 MB Download
Nuudeli 4.16 MB Download
Pooois mun päästä 2.68 MB Download
Puske Sitä 2.73 MB Download
Sokru 3.02 MB Download

Latest tracks

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