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Blue Blisters

Blue Blisters
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Members of the band

  Cameron: Guitars,(Electric & Acoustic), Slide Guitar, Bass Guitar & Vocals
  Alan: Drums & Percussion
  Scotty: Bass Guitar, Guitars & Vocals

General info

  BLUE BLISTERS  is a 3-piece power-rock/blues band made up of 3 veterans of the rock 'n roll days, all with vast experience of playing in many styles, from folk, through Country, Pop, MOR, and blues-based Rock, in both live and studio sessions, doing local and international tours.
  We are based in the Green Valleys of South Wales, UK, although we are all of Scottish descent, and are proud of our local popularity, reciving repeat bookings at all of the venues we have played.
  We are available for bookings in UK and in Europe. For Bookings and more information please email

Download free music

Born To Be Wild n/a Download
Cherry Pie n/a Download
Georgia On My Mind n/a Download
Gotta See My Baby n/a Download
Red House n/a Download
Walking By Myself n/a Download
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On n/a Download

Latest tracks

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