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Blind Lesbians of Uganda

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Members of the band

  Kinky Faggot: Noise
  Leonard "The Prophet" Giraffe: Noise
  +Mad Butcher: Additional support

General info

  Blatant rip-off high-speed lo-fi industrial audio sabotage. Run for your fuckin' lives!
  Lyrics of Masturbating Is A Crime (original lyx are in Finnish):
  Unfortunately it has happened a couple of times that a young man, after having practiced onanism i.e. self-pollution to excess, has ruined his health so thoroughly that not only has his body weakened in every way but also his mental stability has been disturbed
  One's body can be defiled not only externally by hands but also thoughts, imagination and heart can be debauched through the eye when we look at indecent objects and obscene images
  And heart
  Debauched through the eye
  Onanism to excess
  Indecent objects
  Obscene images
  His mental stability has been disturbed

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Camouflage Warfare (Invasion Of The Bavarian Sex Dolls) 2.99 MB Download
Chernobyl Groove 3.30 MB Download
Masturbating Is A Crime (Wankers Will Be Punished) 4.07 MB Download
Show Porn To The Children (Updated June 13th 2002) 3.35 MB Download
The Death Of Randall The Fat Baldheaded Faggot 3.97 MB Download

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