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Members of the band

  BloodMachine is:
  Chuk {Vox,axe,keys,programming}

General info

  BloodMachine is the goth industrial solo effort from the creator & frontman of Fierce Culture {disbanded 2003}.
  It's a combination of a few genres which make it an aquired taste. Some tracks could be considered 'goth', while others would fall under the category of 'progressive industrial' although 'punk' and 'metal' are also prominent elements in some of these and other tracks on the album. Chuk has been influenced by many bands, from industrial giants like Front Line Assembly, Ministry, and Bile; to punk and metal outfits such as DK, Gwar, and Megadeth; then progressive bands like Mr. Bungle, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, and Dog Fashion Disco.

Download free music

BloodMachine - Conformity {Edit} n/a Download
BloodMachine - Machination 2.92 MB Download
BloodMachine - Sacrifice 4.25 MB Download
BloodMachine - This Life n/a Download
Evil Delicious - Carnevil n/a Download
Evil Delicious - No Use For God n/a Download

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