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  NOURISHTHEFLAME - Hailing from N.C. comes the four piece band that is NourishTheFlame. The
  band formed in March of 2001, and has had several line up changes but is finally set.
  NTF(NourishTheFlame) has a sound a bit different than the typical
  hardcore band. They incorporate oldschool hardcore, brutal breakdowns, and just a pinch of metal to finish it off. this band may attract fans of N.I.V., BANE, HATEBREED, and STRIFE. This is definitely a style that stands
  June 11th, 2002, marks their debut full length on Blood & Ink Records called "Trial Into Triumph". This will be followed by many shows and a lot of touring.

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Plea For Understanding 5.53 MB Download
Prepare For War 2.21 MB Download

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