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Bleak Crowd

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Members of the band

  Lauri Huovinen, Vocals
  Janne Kauppi, Guitars
  Ville Hakala, Guitars
  Kimmo Kuoppamaa, Bass
  Timo Anttonen, Drums

General info

  Bleak Crowd was formed back in '99 and plays melancholic metal, wich relies on strong melodies and vocals. So far we've recorded three demos and one self-paid full-lenght album,one promo CD,

Download free music

Back Inside 3.57 MB Download
blind on a leash n/a Download
god-given goddamn misery n/a Download
In Solitude 2.69 MB Download
Kill Me 3.32 MB Download
Shroud 3.53 MB Download
Until You're Cold Inside 3.67 MB Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks