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Blaq Gruv

Blaq Gruv
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Members of the band

  Shae Gamble (Lead Singer/Producer)
  Sidney Hall (Lead Singer/Producer)

General info

  Biography of The Group: BLAQ GRUV represents Believing in Love and Always in a Quest for the Groove. The group consists of two members, Sidney Hall and Shae Gamble. Sidney and Shae started their journey in the year 1991 to become great writers, producers, and entertainers! The various styles of music that they create include: r&b, pop, and hip-hop. They strongly believe in creating music from their heart n soul!
  **The songs listed are just a taste of what Blaq Gruv has in store! To find out more about Blaq Gruv, preview more songs, and purchase their debut CD 'Style 'n' Flow' go to:

Download free music

Do Your Own Thang n/a Download
Fallen n/a Download
I Miss You n/a Download
My Luv Is 4 U n/a Download
Playa Wayz n/a Download
Up In My Bizzness 5.22 MB Download
Wanna Make Luv n/a Download

Latest tracks

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