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Members of the band

  Petri Lindström, guitar
  Pekka Rinne, drums
  Jussi Virkajärvi, vocals
  Vellu Virtanen, bass
  Jussi Timonen, guitar

General info

  Blindman has existed about 3 years, half of the time with the current players. We have released two Cd:s, the latest in autumn 2001, called Signed. We have also made a great video of our "hit" War of the black sun. Our music can be described as tough, dynamic heavy metal, the greatest inspritation has come from Black Sabbath itself.

Download free music

Boy of the stone and the sky 1.96 MB Download
No panic n/a Download
Paralyzing day n/a Download
Silence 3.24 MB Download
Somewhere in the beginning 2.05 MB Download
Storm 2.13 MB Download
Who beats who n/a Download

Latest tracks

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