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Members of the band

  syncomp15 makes the drums happen
  exit wound steals mp3's from kazaa

General info

  we are an expirimentle industrial/noise/erm band from mass. we don't play live, and we all fuck like rabbits.
  our equipment we use are: oxygen 8 midi conteroler, misc synths and such
  for programs we use sonar to record, e-jay spec ed to make the awffull dance noises, absynth 2.0 for soft synth, and misc soft synths and soft drum mechines.
  the mp3's come up in win amp as "exit wound" and some times include a backslash "syncomp15",
  this is an accident, and i am too lazy to go back and re-encode them all.
  we are also on, but only have the same songs that are on here. still no vocalist... but we are looking at a few hopefulls, but might not have anything with a vocalist till the new year. (2004)
   i have been recording and mixing in the past month. i got a few new songs... but i will only post clips and samples, as they are on the new single. wich hopefully will be out in a few weeks to a month. our full lenght album will also be available next year. early january. regaurdless of if we have a singer or not. but kepp downlaoding the songs wile they are free.

Download free music

atombomb 1.83 MB Download
e-jay remix 2.19 MB Download
learn to shoot (full metal jacket mix) 1.91 MB Download
love the atom 3.19 MB Download
redlamb 1.12 MB Download
steffan 1.23 MB Download

Latest tracks

Last week's top 5 tracks