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Black On Black Movement

Black On Black Movement
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Members of the band

  Big Heed
  Fatt Man Deezy
  Pitch Black
  Stay toon

General info

  __________________ BLACK ON BLACK MOVEMENT __________________ The Spread Raven on the Black on Black Movement Seal started its ascend from Decatur, Georgia by mid April, 2006. Through Decatur's staccato street rhythm, the majestic Raven learns her path, known as the Black on Black Movement. But its just a flash, at first sight - enough to catch a motion that now holds you high above the safety of the solid red clay. Other than Atlanta, Decatur poles apart from the citys labyrinth of delicate balance of poor and rich, the Mecca of music, a crusted kingdom that declares its southern creativity by slow pulsing fear and enticing trends. Are we still held high in the Black on Black Movements unflinching grip? If so, lets look down at Decatur (The Dec or Zone 6) - the streetlights are barely streetlights, children practice surgical procedures through wooded shortcuts, the traps trample the footfall of twisted politics, and the shadows of evil cops gloom down on the moonlit hustler. A perfect oil painting of what Black on Black Movement mimics its appetite of destruction and addiction to giving life. Black on Black Movement, the two headed beast from the east that never fails to stop climbing, and breaking down walls. Also, it is the first advancement thatll usher in a conglomerate like no other. The word Black always strikes fear in the hearts of weak men. Its a Movement that is either going to make you stronger or kill your hustle. In easier terms, fear is an excellent motivator and the color Black seems to value the act of it by weak perceptions. Black on Black Movement is more than an instrument of fear. Black on Black Movement is a tool that gives life that seems to carry a hint of Decatur's genetic material.
   _________________________ WHY BLACK? _________________________ In the beginning stages of genetics, the thought of whats created must be in the fundamental nature of Black in order for it to begin to exist. All creation started in forms of Blackness (the human mind, a spiritual space, or the females womb). As far as art is concern, other than hereditary building, Black on Black Movement will swing dynamically from Black to light, back to Black, same as exploiting the extremes of the artist emotional spectrum - color to life and offering life to the dying. ______________________________________________________________ ________________________ SERVICES ____________________________ Artist development, music production (rap, hip hop, rhythm and blues, pop, urban, soul, gospel, dance, alternative, progressive rock, soundtrack scores), studio recording and rough mixing.
  BIG HEED Only if you can experience life once again, but with tomes that address you in the know. But you can! The nature of this occurrence is called Big Heed or the medicine in the candy. Known to selected few as the Gas Man, Big Heed is notorious for conjuring up ways to keep you in a hungry tantrum for more of his venomous cake, better known as the music and the lyrics. Big Heed (while drinking the wine from heavens vineyards) cuffs your eardrums on and off the stage with a talent that relates to a swinging machete from a medieval war god. His lyrics are mle to you, the prisoner. Yet so alluring to her, the damsels that fell deep in his beauty of wordplay. She may describe his lyrics and music as a marriage, like anointed oil on your now hatchet forehead. Packed with an arsenal of cannibalistic uninhibited attacks released off the stage or through the speakers, the spectators gather as children and depart as a mature fan club. His production kills, his art breeds - a twisted delicious balance that reeks the dirtiest of all ghetto street corners and its peasants. Big Heed drives the rap/hip hop stake through the heart of this urban genre, and keeps stabbing until blood leaks no more. Similar to King Arthurs sword crushing through your bones and organs, Big Heeds gasoline delivery carries an unusual, addictive blow - leaving you begging for more. With a fiery tongue; you are enlightened by the Gas Man, and poisoned to live by the medicine in the candy. Bon appetite! This world has many reasons for the Black on Black Movement, look out your window at the shit flooding out our means in life! Its fucked up, but at the same time its not. I guess it depends on your eyes and what window you are looking out of. The reason is the music. It concretes the survival, upheaval and the beauty of struggle in your life. -BIG HEED
  Known to some as the Fat Max Julian and to local hardcore fans as Deezy, Fatman (pronounced: Forever At the Top, Man!) has a gift to channel his blunt, in your face personality by maintaining the persona of a smooth melodic pimp that survived the post Motown era. His clutching on-stage antics guts your attention right into the way of his music. This phenomena will maul you down like a lion on a baby impala. Lucky for you, Fatman carries a zesty load of comedic artistry entwined in his real life situations better known as his music and stage performances - so therefore your lion assault is well balanced with a fruitful elixir called entertainment. His rhythm and delivery of words blisters a fray on the microphone, the stage, and your way of dancing to his ghetto-hip hop-machine gun-funk. When it comes to pure home grown talent, Fatman is crowned victorious in his display of what America looks up to, a real gritty father figure that holds no bars of firing right at your level. Fatman is something like a conversation piece between you and your mothers Friday night flings with that ex-con, who holds three strikes. While chewing the Fat hasnt never been so addictively fun yet so intimidated, his lyrics and style never keep you nor the conversations on his level (although he can relate to all levels) He will always be Forever At the Top, Man and youll always be begging for more Fat on your plate. We keep life, the music, as real and professional as possible, if not, the shit wont be played! FATMAN

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