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Big Buildings

Big Buildings
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band


Michael Wood - Guitar and Vocals

Matt Maloney - Guitar and Vocals

Matty Cummings - Bass and Vocals

Adam Yoffe - Drums

General info


After two years of scattered recording sessions, broken promises, and reams of correspondence, Chicago's Big Buildings assembled for good in early 2002. Over the course of their campaign, Big Buildings have built a solid foundation through frenetic live performances, staggering amounts of material, improbable covers, and a devoted fanbase.

Big Buildings play immediate rock'n'roll chock-full of explosive hooks. The songs draw from the usual suspects: rock old and new, country rock, pub trash, and others. Gigs are festive and the Band plays with a slippery confidence reminiscent of everyone from The Replacements and Husker Du to the Stones, Uncle Tupelo, CCR, and beyond.

Matt Maloney (Ostriches!) spent the last several years gigging around San Francisco. In 2001, Maloney cut some tracks with old friends Michael Wood and Adam Yoffe (Pigface, Resident Phase Shifter). In February 2002, Maloney relocated to Chicago. More recently the Band rediscovered long-lost comrade Matt Cummings (Spindly Thin) deep in the bowels of the Bayou and had him delivered via train to cover the low end duties.

The Bands debut full length, Hang Together For All Time, was written, recorded, and mixed by the band in their Chicago studio, and was realeased in summer 2004 on Stars/No Stars Records.

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Submarine 3.48 MB Download
Trash Out n/a Download
Uh Oh (I Know You Said It) n/a Download
Young Man's World n/a Download

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