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Beyond the Shattered Mirror

Beyond the Shattered Mirror
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Members of the band

  D.P - All elements of "Beyond the Shattered Mirror"

General info

  Welcome "Beyond the Shattered Mirror"
   Officially founded in 1998 as a pet project/hobby it became much more after the suggestions by a few close associates for me to start taking it a bit more seriously.
  *** Of inspiration ***
  Musical – The works of Akira Yamaoka (the composer of the Silent Hill series). Truthfully, I could list all my influences but I find many styles and genres to be inspiring.
   There is a potency to music. A “magic”, if you will. It can bring joy in times of sorrow or bring sorrow in times of joy. It can yield inspiration and motivate people into great action, or drain their wills into inaction. It can bring people together through sentiment and preservation of memories or tear them apart.
  Other – Other things that inspire me are the nexus between night and day, surreal/fantasy/horror themes, places abandoned to time, urban exploration, ruin exploration and states of emotion.
  *** Meaning behind the name ***
   I chose my name for several reasons. It was a sort of homage to a sort of “wonderland”, a place where each reflection can represent different world or status of mood (light and dark). Second, the name allows me to create many styles without betraying the “theme”
  *** Of prior projects/accomplishments ***
   Over the course of time since “Beyond the Shattered Mirror was founded”, I have been able to contribute some work to the following projects:
  Dead Body Man 1
  Scary Tales 1
  Scary Tales – Return of Mr. Longfellow
  Aunt Rose
  Eat your Heart Out
  *** Current Equipment ***
   For composition, I currently use Fruity Loops Studio, a TS-10 Ensoniq keyboard, an EMU midi-keyboard and a microphone for vocal elements.
  *** Press releases ***
  "Beyond the Shattered Mirror is a project you’ve probably never heard of, but should. It’s a hard-to-describe blend of sound that paints pictures of the darker side of the psyche. The vocals are dark and poetic, and fit the music very well." - Xangis at Darksonus

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Belladonna Ballroom n/a Download
Isolated n/a Download
Majesty of Withering Memories n/a Download
Tragic Majesty n/a Download

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