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David Bethune

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country / country rock


Members of the band

  I'm a writer not really an artist.

General info


  I'm a Canadian Lyric Writer from St. Catharines Ontario about ten miles from Niagara Falls. You'll find that I write very simplistic lyrics and some melodys. I've always prefered this kind of music. I hope you enjoy what you hear!
  I'm not real sure what Genre a lot of the songs I write fall into?
  It's certainly not conventional Country but I suppose country is the closest.
  I don't profess to be a singer, I just do it to demo some of them.
  Bruce Elrod
  Phone: 803-337-8207
  Fax: 803-337-3068
  Larry Feldman
  Phone: 215-885-3302
  Fax: 215-885-3303

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Grandma n/a Download
If Only Dreams Came True n/a Download
Reach Out (Band AID Version) n/a Download

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