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Members of the band

  Rod - producer -
  Rick - producer

General info

  Rod Hunt and Rick Negrete met in
  college while studying commercial
  music and music production. It was
  years ago during a  production
  assignment in class when they
  realized they had chemistry when
  creating music. They became good
  friends and begana production pact
  that was later admired by all around
  town, local artist and radio. Rod a
  Detroit native now living in so. cali.
  brings out the flavor in the tracks with
  banging drum sounds and melodies.
  Rick who is from so. cali. meets him in
  the middle bringing the melodies as
  well as the as the change ups or what
  we call “ the bridge”. Together they
  become RodnRick bringing intoxicated
  sounds to the hip hop, pop and r&b
  genres. They have produced for many
  local artist from all around cali and
  also have their share of local  radio
  remixes of major artist like missy elliot
  and jay z. Humble yet focused
  RodnRick always keep working and
  creating catalog for when the time
  comes to share their music to the

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