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Basic Roots

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Members of the band

  Will Hordijk.
  Jan Van der Wolf.
  Markus Kneissli.
  Manager/Promoter(Wales): Peter Clutton.

General info

  Basic Roots was formed by Will Hordijk and Ron Slangen.
  Together they produced the first two albums (First and Second).
  The 4 Tracks from the album FIRST are:
  1 - Burning Roses
  2 - Destination Unknown
  3 - Lost History
  4 - Nature's Hope
  The band then split up in 2002,and reformed with new members Jan Van der Wolf and Markus Kneissli in 2006.
  Basic Roots Music Is 100% original,and produced in there own purpose built studio in holland.
  Basic Roots are in the process of producing a new album due out in 2008.
  If you would like to hear more from Basic Roots, visit there site directly all tracks are free to download and listen to:

Download free music

Burning Roses n/a Download
Destination Unknown n/a Download
Lost History n/a Download
Nature's Hope n/a Download

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