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Bard of Ely

Bard of Ely
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Members of the band

  Bard of Ely: guitar, vocals, songwriting.

General info

  Bard of Ely is an eclectic singer songwriter who has many songs released in many genres and on many formats! As frontman for the TAFFIA he is signed to Crai Records, where Catatonia began their career. An EP was released by the label featuring the Bard's contoversial 'You're a Liar, Nicky Wire,' which had been banned from a shop, rave reviewed in NME & featured on BBC R1! Bard of Ely has played Glastonbury on many occasions and has also been the MC for the Avalon Stage for the last 2 years. He is also the author of 'Herbs of the Northern Shaman,' a book described by Howard 'Mr Nice' Marks as "excellent!" Bard of Ely is written about in depth in books by CJ Stone, Rev. Lionel Fanthorpe and Peter Finch. The Bard is a real ordained Celtic Bard & a member of several Druid orders. Bard of Ely has also worked as a TV presenter and as an actor for television and film.

Download free music

Electric Bard ( feat. EXLectiX & Catherine Duc) 3.30 MB Download
Harvest Home 4.40 MB Download
Ocean Sky (featuring Ed Drury) 2.69 MB Download
The Hundredth Monkey v. the Beast feat. Ed Drury 3.30 MB Download
You're a Liar, Nicky Wire 3.31 MB Download

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