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Lucifer's Sound

Lucifer's Sound
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Members of the band

  Patrick "Audio" Lew - All Instruments

General info

  Audio Rage is a musical project done by computer applications, various musical instruments and TWO musicians. It's what Patrick "Audio" Lew calls Audio Rage "band in the box." The music and band Audio Rage mostly does their music on a PC computer using computer applications purchased from Guitar Center or Best Buy. It also includes MIDI keyboards and electric guitars picked up from the shop. This is Audio's story!
  The "Band of Asians" was a one-man musical project and group of computer programs and various rock instruments that crawled out of City College of San Francisco, the best community college in the Bay Area during 2005, along with a very gifted and talented Asian musician/artist named Patrick Lew. After years of trying to form a rock band from ads placed in the local music newspapers and, Patrick founded Band of Asians with the help of computer applications he received from Guitar Center and Best Buy stores.
  The one-man band/musician and musical mastermind behind Band of Asians, Patrick Lew, grew up in San Francisco. He worked at a comic book store and tried getting a job at Amoeba Music and Tower Records, and went to City College of San Francisco upon graduating from high school. Coming from a broken home, Patrick often played music in his one-man band Band of Asians and promote his music via internet to help cope with personal hardships. Patrick once played in another local band with musician friends from high school called Samurai Sorcerers. When that group mutually parted ways, Patrick wanted to do music on his one-man band so he purchased musical instruments and various computer applications from a local music or computer store to do so. The Band of Asians was formed in 2005, after going through various bandnames for the one-man band.
  Band of Asians recorded their first album, a self-titled EP, at their home musical workshop on May 8, 2006 in just a four hour session to make music using a guitar, keyboards, bass and "music making" application on a PC computer. This was followed with the Band of Asians setting up a music profile on the social-networking webpage, and showcasing the one-man band and music on other personal webpages on the internet when Patrick got on the computer at his Band of Asians musical workshop.
  With good music from a one-man band and musical group Band of Asians, plus Patrick Lew's pin-up Asian good looks other than his very talented resume to play various musical instruments designed for rock music...The Band of Asians music and only one constant bandmember consisted of that. The Band of Asians plans to make another album in one of Patrick's friend's apartment near San Francisco State University at the Villas House Park. Due to Patrick's personal hardships with family at home, he might move his musical workshop in another home with his various musical instruments, computer & music computer programs, turntables and huge record collection to a new house in the great city of San Francisco which he calls "rock & roll heaven" to live in.
  Meanwhile at community college at CCSF, Patrick is promoting his music on his various personal webpages for musicians/bands to promote their music (i.e. MySpace, PureVolume and etc) along with tinkering with his computer programs such as Magix Music Maker 10 deluxe {to make electronic/dance music} and FL Studio 6 {a computer program he uses to make other styles of music}. The Band of Asians will most likely remain a one-man band and musical group that mostly focuses their musical career in their own musical workshop to rely solely on studio recording instead of playing music for gigs in front of a live audience at clubs for any event such as "Battle of the Bands." For the Band of Asians, whenever the time to play music for a gig is important...Then a musical and social activity like that will happen, quite possibly at Ernie Ball Guitar's "Battle of the Bands," which Patrick Lew has a music profile on it which he put his biography and two mp3 files of his musical work on that webpage. But normally at the moment, the Band of Asians will do their music inside a home recording studio where the one-man garage band will play some keyboards, guitar and fool around with the computer and some application to make a record. That is the history and musical story of Band of Asians.
  To listen to music and read more information on Band of Asians...Visit their personal webpages @
  formed: 2004
  musicians/bandmembers: audio (all instruments)
  instruments: guitar, keyboards, drum machine...and no bass guitar, because it is for pussies!
  Fantasy storybook on the METAL band Lucifer's Sound! 100% FICTION!
  lucifier {band} made their music on various musical instruments its one-man band patrick "audio" lew shoplifted from best buy and guitar center stores to create his one-man metal band lucifer in daly city. an outcast at city college of san francisco, where he studied music and had lived a lifestyle that wasn't all about music and college, he lived the death metal music & culture through his musical, college and social activities.
  the crappy musician in a one-man "band in the box" called lucifer, patrick "audio" lew was born on november 15, 1985 in the city of san francisco. coming from a broken home while school life was bad, audio began getting into music and video games at the age of 6. he went to a music school near his house to learn how to play piano, and then as a an electric guitar from a music store for $150. he got some lessons to play guitar at his music school but mostly learned on his own through "how to" books. while lucifer didn't really start playing music in audio's resume until 2004, audio has been making music since he first got his electric guitar from haight-ashbury music shop. so technically speaking, lucifer began their musical career and activities through audio's death metal music resume since 1999 (or 2000). he made several demo tapes of lucifer through a 4-track portable tascam cassette device along with his keyboards (which he stole from costco) and electric guitar.
  some of these early lucifer demos can be heard on a few personal webpages on the internet/computer somewhere, with the music dating as early as to 2001 when audio's computer expertise allowed him to set up a music profile on a webpage and put his songs there.
  when patrick "audio" lew was 17, he formed a hard rock band called samurai sorcerers through an ad in the paper and with friends he knew from sf public high school. he met musicians in the band at school, and the other bandmembers he met off at band practice in audio's house. the samurai sorcerers was mostly a hard rock and grunge ensemble of talented (or not-so-talented) musicians that played the gigs at school or small-scale performances at other places. the samurai sorcerers consisted of audio (rhythm guitar, vocals), the wizard (guitar) and audio's ex-japanese girlfriend hiroko (bass). the other members, shadow lady (keyboards) and skunky (drums) were on-and-off again members of the samurai sorcerers band.
  one evening after a gig, hiroko and audio began making a sex tape in the bedroom of audio's house...a hot steamy night of "love making" after playing music for a playground festival in their band. audio, by reference of hiroko's diary, had assualted hiroko and got her pregnant. this occurred sometime around august 22, 2004 when hiroko and audio were making music at mission recording studios and took the bart train and muni bus home back to audio's house. this incident led to hiroko quitting audio's band. when this event was published on hiroko's livejournal, it became headlines in the local newspapers and sf music scene.
  audio was arrested, and spent nearly 6 months in prison for "beating" on hiroko. when he got out, he was a community college student at ccsf but was rejected by most students on campus. hiroko eventually got an abortion...and often criticizes her former asian boyfriend audio for various reasons on her livejournal webpage.
  the samurai sorcerers tried to get it as a band by may 2005, they went into mission recording studios and had already released two albums ("psychotic love" and "blizzard of sound") as the music studio signed the band to a two-year recording contract. but tensions ran high with the wizard and audio. shadow lady quit the band after a dispute with audio, and when the wizard and audio began planning to make music for a new cd...they disputed where to go. audio wanted to bring computer software and electronics to the band, going for a more ambient/dark wave sound while the wizard wanted to stick with just guitar-based rock & roll.
  a rift set the two best friends from high school apart for samurai sorcerers...the band fired patrick "audio" lew on september 21, 2005 as the wizard sent audio an e-mail at the school library saying "he's fired."
  rather than go to community college, audio set up his own one-man band "lucifer" and stole a couple computer programs from a best buy store to set up his own recording studio and music workshop at home. as lucifer began playing/making music in audio's bedroom where his workshop is located, lucifer began revising many of the samurai sorcerers webpages into his own lucifer band. audio also set up his own record label exclusively to lucifer music and products called lucifer's rage music. he also made his own personal webpage dedicated to lucifer.
  the lucifer band in audio's musical resume was officially launched by october 23, 2005. quitting college and doing music as his way of life.
  lucifer didn't like touring as much. musical performances and gigs in front of an audience at clubs, playgrounds or etc wasn't on lucifer's activity handbook. instead, lucifer mostly focus on studio work to perfect (in a crappy way) their studio recordings inside audio's bedroom.
  lucifer made music and put out an ep called "band of asians" which was recorded on digital music software and technology - mixing in loops, guitars and jamming with some metal musicians - on may 8, 2006. they also made some tv appearances on ccsf tv network to play gigs at the diego rivera theater.
  however, audio married a mexican woman he met through a dating ad on mendez. his sensual appetite for women always led him to find ways to meet his "future wife" on dating websites like craigslist or myspace on the internet. maria mendez would join lucifer on turntables, eventually replacing dead musician knuckles.

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