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Bahlasti Ompehda

Bahlasti Ompehda
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Members of the band

  Daniel - Computers, violin, FX & samples
  Alex - Piano & field recordings

General info

  Bahlasti Ompehda makes industrial music without any political views or artistic nonsense and tries to avoid all modern clichés. Bahlasti Ompehdas early songs consists of very basic elements: static noise, Victor's screams, metal plates and strange machine sounds and rythms. However Bahlasti Ompehda has broken one rule in industrial: their music can be entertaining (though only if you've got seriously degenerated ears) and some people have even smiled while listening to it. However Bahlasti Ompehda isn't only entertaiment. It can be used to torture your kids, destroy speakers, getting a divorce, ruin your hearing or getting rid of unwanted visitors.

Download free music

Fliegende Kinderscheisse 5.76 MB Download
Grotesque 2.61 MB Download

Latest tracks

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