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Bad Planet

Bad Planet
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rock / hard rock


Members of the band

  Kevin Moody
  Daniel Moody
  Bass Guitar/Vocals/Lyrics
  Richard Hicks

General info

   3 Piece Rock Band from Memphis Tn.Formed in June 1999.
  5 years,70 concerts,33 original
  songs,and we feel as though
  we've just begun....
  Currently Recording New CD Release Date 2004
  Concert Highlights
  Memphis in May 2003 @ The Budweiser Pavilion
  Shake Stuff Up Tour
  2003 & 2004
  Sponsored by Got Milk?
  MTV and Rolling Stone Magazine
  Hosted by 93x
  Memphis Area Band Association Showcase @ The New Daisy Theater
  Beale St. Labor Day Festival @ The Hard Rock Café
  Beale St. Memorial Day Festival @ The New Daisy Theater
  WMBZ 94.1 Up and Coming Showcase @ The Hard Rock Café
  Won Battle of Bands @ The Hard Rock Café 2 weeks in a row, Advanced to National Contest
  Sponsored by Rolling Rock Beer and Virgin Records
  DingoFest 2002 & 2003 & 2004

Download free music

Last Generation n/a Download
Someones Other Happiness n/a Download
Somethings Wrong n/a Download
The Dotted Line 3.88 MB Download

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